Disable Graphical Inputs

Zachary Anderson
Last updated: 22 Feb 2018
Written for: Lighthouse Studio 9.3

This question is deprecated and may be removed in the future. It is recommend that Better Lighthouse Library be used instead.



Adds two JavaScript functions for enabling and disabling graphical input elements.


The included question will make the functions available only to that survey page. Copying the code to your survey head tag will make the functions globally available.


  • SSI_DisableGraphicalInput('SelectQ_1'): Disables the first radio button or checkbox.
  • SSI_DisableGraphicalInput('GridQ_r1_1'): Disables the first radio button in a grid question.
  • SSI_EnableGraphicalInput('SelectQ_1'): Enables the first radio button or checkbox.
  • SSI_EnableGraphicalInput('GridQ_r1_c1'): Enables the first checkbox in a grid question.