Net Promoter Score

Zachary Anderson
Last updated: 04 Feb 2022
Written for: Lighthouse Studio 9.3

Example image of the question, asking respondents for their opinion on a brand.  Ten numbered buttons appear, with



A horizontally-oriented select question, useful for Net Promoter Scores and standard survey questions.


  • The question's list can be updated with the number of buttons to display and their labels.
  • The question can be set to checkboxes to allow respondents to select multiple items.
  • Lines 6 and 7 of the question's footer can be updated with the labels to display at the ends of the response options.
  • Line 9 defines the maximum width of the horizontal buttons, which may offer a visual improvement for some users.
  • Line 10 can be changed to hide the button borders.
  • Lines 12-15 control the text and background colors of the buttons. Any CSS color (e.g., red or #FFFFFF) is acceptable.