Not Applicable: Per Variable

Zachary Anderson
Last updated: 12 Apr 2021
Written for: Lighthouse Studio 9.3



Requires a question variable to be answered or that "Not Applicable" be selected. Supports grid and semantic diff questions.


  • Requires Better Lighthouse Library.
  • The downloaded question must be placed immediately after your question (the question to be given these check boxes). If this is not possible, line 13 of the footer can be set to the question's name.
  • The downloaded question's list should be set to your question's primary list. For a semantic diff, this can be the left or right list. For a grid, this is the list that goes along the direction of the grid's orientation.
  • Your question must have require response disabled for every variable.


  • Line 14 of the footer can be updated to change the label of the checkboxes.
  • Line 15 of the footer can be updated with a minimum number of checkboxes a respondent must select if not choosing "Not Applicable." The minimum is zero by default.
  • Line 16 of the footer can be updated with the error message to display if a respondent does not answer the variable or check this checkbox.