Not Applicable: Per Variable

Zachary Anderson
Last updated: 04 Mar 2022
Written for: Lighthouse Studio 9.3



Requires a question variable to be answered or that "Not Applicable" be selected. Supports grid and semantic diff questions.


  • Requires Better Lighthouse Library.
  • The downloaded question must be placed immediately after your question (the question to be given these check boxes). If this is not possible, line 6 of the footer can be set to the question's name.
  • The downloaded question's list should be set to your question's primary list. For a semantic diff, this can be the left or right list. For a grid, this is the list that goes along the direction of the grid's orientation.
  • Your question must have require response disabled for every variable.


  • Line 7 of the footer can be updated to change the label of the checkboxes.
  • Line 8 of the footer can be updated with a minimum number of checkboxes a respondent must select if not choosing "Not Applicable." The minimum is zero by default.
  • Line 9 of the footer can be updated with the error message to display if a respondent does not answer the variable or check this checkbox.