Other Specify in Drag-and-Drop Ranking

Zachary Anderson
Last updated: 28 Feb 2017
Written for: Lighthouse Studio 9.3

This question is deprecated and may be removed in the future. It is recommend that Custom Drag-and-Drop Ranking be used instead.

Svmn4ie (1)


Adds other specify fields to a drag-and-drop ranking question. Supports "drag-to-container," "sort vertically," and "sort horizontally."


  • GLOBAL_SAWTOOTH_[% QuestionName() %] needs to be filled with which items need other specify fields, whether the fields support multiple lines, and the min and max length of other specify text. Example:
    GLOBAL_SAWTOOTH_[% QuestionName() %] = {
    4: {multiline: false, min: 1, max: 100}, // item 4 is a single-line other specify that requires a response
    5: {multiline: true, min: 0, max: 100} // item 5 is a multi-line other specify that does not require a response


The "Helper" question must be included in the survey. It should always appear directly after the ranking question.