Ranged Drag-and-Drop Ranking

Zachary Anderson
Last updated: 22 Feb 2017
Written for: Lighthouse Studio 9.3

This question is deprecated and may be removed in the future. It is recommend that Custom Drag-and-Drop Ranking be used instead.


A "drag-to-container" ranking question that requires respondents to rank any number of items between a given minimum and maximum.


  • The "Helper1" question must be included in the survey. It must always appear immediately after the ranking question.
  • The "Helper2" question ought to be included in the survey. It should appear on the page after the ranking question.
  • In the ranking question's settings, the partial number of items to rank must be set to your desired maximum.
  • In the ranking question's custom JavaScript verification, lines 2 and 3 must be updated with your desired minimum and maximum.
  • In the second helper's footer, lines 9 and 10 should be updated with the names of the ranking question and the first helper question.