Sliders: Ranged

Zachary Anderson
Last updated: 04 Mar 2022
Written for: Lighthouse Studio 9.3



A series of horizontal or vertical sliders that require respondents to define a range.


  • Requires Better Lighthouse Library.
  • The grid's direction must be set to row-oriented for horizontal sliders or to column-oriented for vertical sliders.
  • The grid's primary list (e.g., list of rows if row-oriented) should be filled with the items to be shown. Each should be numeric type.
  • The grid's secondary list (e.g., list of columns if row-oriented) should have exactly two list items.
  • Lines 9-10 of the footer should be updated with the minimum and maximum value for the sliders.


  • Line 6 of the footer defines the orientation of sliders for mobile respondents. By default, mobile respondents will always see horizontal sliders.
  • Lines 7-8 of the footer can be updated with the default lower and upper values.
  • Line 11 of the footer can be updated with the smallest steps allowed by the sliders. By default, the sliders will move by increments of 1.
  • If line 12 of the footer is set to true, horizontal sliders will be set to right-to-left.
  • If line 13 of the footer is set to true, vertical sliders will be set to top-to-bottom.