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Technical Support Guidelines

Who Are We?

We have a small team of Client Service Consultants who handle calls and technical support issues on a rotating basis during our normal office hours: 06:30 to 17:30 Mountain Time (GMT-6; GMT-7 Autumn/Winter), Monday through Friday. Each of us actively balance working "tech support" on the phone or via e-mail with other projects that include research and development, web-based tours and training, and sales. While our consultants are familiar with our software products (there are dozens of products and multiple versions of those products), often there is one person who happens to have an edge in your particular area of interest. Additionally, some possess unique skills that they bring to the team, such as survey design, analytics, statistics, or programming.

How Cases Are Assigned

All of your incoming calls and emails and our outgoing responses are given a "case number" and logged into your contact profile in our case management software. Because of the rotating nature of our duties, and that these cases are available to anyone to grab, the fastest way to an answer is to create a new email for each issue and send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Both phone calls and emails are returned on a "first in, first out" basis, which means that your case will be placed in a queue and answered as soon as the cases preceding you have been handled. If you reopen an old case with a new question, there is a chance that particular consultant could be on vacation or otherwise tied up with other things.

Who Can Receive Free Support

Free technical support is available to all of our registered commercial license holders. Please try to include your name, company, and the product or service you are calling about and its version number. You may also be asked to provide your license or serial number information to verify your eligibility for free technical support. If you have not yet purchased our software, we will still try to answer your questions. If you are a student who is using an Academic Subscription, then you should first contact the person at your school who has been designated as the Sawtooth liaison. That person will then then relay your question to us if she or he cannot resolve your concerns. If you cannot contact that person, and have exhausted the other resources listed below, then feel free to contact us.

Free technical support and advice may also be obtained from our technical support partner, SKIM Software, headquartered in the Netherlands. They are available from 09:00 to 17:30 Central European (GMT+2; GMT+1 Autumn/Winter), Monday through Friday. Their phone number is +31 10 282 3535. They can also be reached by writing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by visiting their website:

What Types of Support We Provide

In general, free technical support includes guidance on how to use our software to program surveys, upload projects to servers, download the data, and analyze the data. We provide general methodological advice only, such as those found in our Help files, Knowledge Base, and technical papers. Custom programming, self-hosting web server setup, and other such cases are not included with our free support.

How We Access Your Study Files

There may be times where we need to see your study to see what is going on. You can either zip-up your study file and send it in to us with your question, or allow us to see your screen via a screen sharing program. We normally use, a free browser-based application. All information or data provided to us will remain confidential in compliance with our published confidentiality and security policies.

Paid Support and Analytics

Providing customized survey programming, code troubleshooting, server setup, or specific methodological advice is beyond the scope of free technical support. If these services are desired, you may want to hire personnel from our Sawtooth Analytics division. Their basic rate is $500 per hour but may vary with the needs of the specific problem. They may be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Additional Resources

In the Support section of our website,, you will find a number of resources including help files, videos, technical manuals, knowledge base articles, sample surveys, and technical papers. Before contacting us, you may want to review these resources to find the answers to your questions. These are the same resources we will use to answer your questions and may refer you to specific pages for additional help.

Additionally, the Sawtooth Software User Forum is an additional resource where our users may gather to ask and answer questions of each other. Many people are very generous with their answers and provide quick solutions to very complicated and challenging problems. Once you register to the Forum, you may post your own questions as well as comment on or answer the questions of others. Dozens of questions are asked and answered each week. If you have questions about methodology, design, quota control, skip logic, and even HTML, Perl, JavaScript, and Cascading Style Sheets programming, head on over to