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Jurgita Kamandulienė


Jurgita Kamandulienė is a Master student at ISM University of Management and Economics in Lithuania studying Educational Leadership. Jurgita is working as a German teacher at school and is interesting in social emotional development of pupils intellect. Her master thesis has focused on measuring value of happiness lessons in the international education marketplace.

The concept of Happiness is commonly used in a variety of different contexts as well as in the area of education and science. According to Noddings (2010) "Happiness and education are, properly, intimately related: Happiness should be an aim of education, and a good education should contribute significantly to personal and collective happiness" (p. 1). Since 2006, Happiness lessons based on positive psychology exist in UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Australia, the USA, Mexico and Butan. Diener and Lucas (2004) surveyed 10175 university students of varying ages asking them to rate their desire for various emotional eventualities for their children. Consistent across all 48 nations, respondents desired high levels of happiness for their children.

Jurgita‘s thesis aims at offering the international education market a value-generating and possible concept of teaching happiness that is optimal to different segments.

To determine the main attributes of the concept of teaching happiness, a semi-structured interview-based quantitative study was carried out; during it, the categories of the teaching happiness service, as perceived by the respondents (students and parents), were identified. The respondents gave their understanding of teaching happiness, envisioned the organisation of such lessons, gave their insights into at what time they should take place, their preferred size of the group, how much they would be willing to pay for this service, etc. ACBC conjoint analysis performed with a qualitative study revealed the major value aspects of a new service. The received results are definitely important to education community not only of Lithuania, but also for other countries because they indicate the need of the new service in schools of Lithuania and determine the potential opportunities of implementing happiness teaching concept in international state education marketplace. The results of the survey define the respondents‘ specific values wich determine their choices and possible implementation of the concept.

Feel free to contact Jurgita if you would like to learn more about her research or experience with Sawtooth’s ACBC Software at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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