Joanna Barth

Joanna is a Ph.D. student at the Chair of Management, Organization Studies and Human Resource Management at Trier University (Germany). She holds a B.A. degree in Cultural Studies along with Business Administration and a M.Ed. degree in Mathematics, Geography and History. Additionally, she completed her 2nd State Exam, a qualification to work as a teacher at secondary schools in Germany. Since August 2019, Joanna addresses the research field of career choice, especially at the interface of STEM (Science, Technic, Engineering, and Mathematics) and Entrepreneurship Education Research.

Her current research project deals with the influence of self-efficacy, as the assessment of one’s abilities to deal with new or difficult situations, on young adults’ decision-making in career choice contexts. The Adaptive Choice-Based Conjoint will be used to show the perception of different occupations and, in particular, the perception of working conditions.

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