Marcus Kurth

Marcus Kurth is currently pursuing a master’s degree in business administration at the Humboldt University of Berlin. His academic focus lies in the field of marketing, and he has developed a keen interest in understanding consumer behaviour and market trends.For his master's thesis, Marcus conducts a choice-based conjoint analysis using Sawtooth Software to investigate the relationship between Corporate Social Responsibility and consumer decision-making. By employing this quantitative research method, Marcus aims to uncover valuable insights into how socially ethical and sustainable behaviour influences consumers' product preferences.The central hypothesis explored in this study posits that CSR initiatives positively affect customers' purchase intentions and their willingness to pay for products. Confirming this hypothesis would substantiate CSR's potential as a strategic marketing tool. By leveraging the positive influence of socially ethical and sustainable practices, companies can enhance their brand image and secure a competitive advantage in the market. Importantly, embracing such an approach not only yields economic benefits but also fosters positive societal and environmental impacts.