Nele Flakowski

Nele Flakowski is a master's student of E-Commerce at the Hochschule Niederrhein in Krefeld, Deutschland and is currently working on her master thesis.

Since the advent of the internet, online commerce has experienced rapid evolution. In particular, B2C online marketplaces have witnessed an unprecedented surge in recent years, becoming an integral part of many people's daily lives. The ease with which consumers can search, compare, and purchase products has revolutionized the way business is conducted. Throughout her academic journey and personal shopping experiences, she has developed a growing curiosity about this topic.

Her motivation to delve deeply into consumer requirements for B2C online marketplaces stems from the realization that the success of such platforms is directly tied to user satisfaction. Every detail—from user interface and payment methods to after-sales services—has a profound impact on consumer perception and loyalty.

In her daily use of such platforms, she frequently encountered aspects that could be improved. Whether it was inconsistent product descriptions, a lack of trust factors, or challenges in product returns—all these experiences piqued her interest in the question, "What do consumers truly want from a B2C online marketplace?"

With her master thesis and the use of a conjoint analysis from Sawtooth Software she wants to build a bridge between theory and practice. Her goal is to provide valuable insights for marketplace operators to optimize their platforms, thereby enhancing consumer satisfaction and loyalty. She is convinced that this topic is not just of academic interest but also has real, practical implications for the future of e-commerce.

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