Stephanie Kühne

Stephanie Kühne is currently pursuing her Master's in Digital Marketing Management at the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences. She completed her Bachelor's degree in Tourism Management in Munich. Currently, she is working on her master's thesis in the field of insurance marketing. In addition, she also works in online marketing at a life insurance company.

With her study, she aims to explore personalized health insurance, specifically the Pay-as-you-live principle. This principle is based on the concept that by maintaining a proven healthier lifestyle, one can lower their insurance premium. The study analyzes the advantages and challenges of the Pay-as-you-live principle in health insurance from the perspective of insurance companies. Additionally, using a choice-based conjoint analysis, the overall consumer preference is examined based on the sharing of selected health data. The goal is to determine which health data potential customers are willing to share with the insurer and how factors like premium or coverage need to be adjusted. Based on this, Stephanie Kühne aims to derive an optimal Pay-as-you-live-product and provide recommendations for the marketing of insurance products.