Creating Stand-Alone Choice Simulators

Last Updated: 09 Aug 2017Hits: 5437
How do I create stand-alone Choice Simulator packages in Lighthouse Studio?

After you have created a simulation within the Choice Simulator, you may want to give your client a copy of the simulation so they can play around with it. Here are instructions on how to do that.

Within the Choice Simulator toolbar, under the Home tab, you should see a toolbar ribbon. Notice the "Create Client Simulator Package" icon.1827a

This will launch a wizard that steps you through the process of selecting the utility runs, market scenarios, permissions, and settings to use for your client's simulator package. You can even add branding to the bottom of the market simulator if you insert a graphic.

When the wizard completes, you now have a simulation package (a package of files that are zipped into a single .SIM file) for delivery to your client. 

To access that .sim file, your client needs to download and install the stand-alone Choice Simulator from our website:

Once it is downloaded, the client needs to run the ChoiceSimulatorSetup.exe by double-clicking on it. The installer will then run, and the client will need to approve the different steps of the installation. When done, the Choice Simulator should appear as an icon on their desktop. 

After your client installs the Choice Simulator, they may browse to and open your .sim file. This file contains all the utility runs and market scenarios you decided to include in the package. They may add new scenarios to their simulator, however they may not add new utility runs or segmentation variables. They will be able to save any changes they've made to the simulator, however, you won't see those changes in your original simulator. If you want to see those changes, you need to have them send you their modified .sim file.