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MBC v0.9.11 is Now Available

As the development has finished, we have been able to devote more time to looking at various issues in the software.  We’ve been able to fix multiple issues and at the same time make minor improvements here and there.  Many of these improvements have been suggested by the beta testers.  For example, when you specify your models and you want to move multiple rows up and down, you can now select them all and click up instead of doing them one at a time.

Among the more important fixes in this release:

  • If you were doing a constraint such as “category 3 is preferred to category 1″, the constraints may be misapplied.
  • If you were exporting an Excel simulator with a conditional dependent variable, some respondents may have been clipped off the end if they were exlcluded by the conditional dependency.

We continue to be on the path for March.  For those who are not beta testers but wish to preview the software, MBC will operate in demonstration mode without a license.  Demo users are currently limited to 50 respondents.

There are still slots available for our MBC workshop at the Sawtooth Software Conference.  Please join us in Florida!

Please download the new version here:

This release of the software is no longer available. Click the button below to download the latest version of MBC. Download MBC

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