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MBC v0.9.10 Available

We have the latest version of MBC (v0.9.10) ready for you to download: We are super excited, as we are done programming new features and are in the home stretch.

This release of the software is no longer available. Click the button below to download the latest version of MBC. Download MBC

What’s new in this update:

  1. Netted Variables.  You can define new variables for market simulation reporting purposes that are nets (sums) of categories of dependent variables.   For example, this makes it nice for accumulating net share across multiple categories of combinatorial dependent variables.
  2. Improved Respondent Filter interface.  No longer do you have to specify “2=1″ to include respondents who for segmentation variable #2 are equal to a 1.  Now, the label for variable #2 appears, so you can specify “gender=1″, etc.
  3. Faster Excel Simulator creation.  The previous beta version could take half an hour or more to build simulator spreadsheets for more complex projects.  Now, it takes only a minute or two.

We are very confident that we will be launching v1 of MBC in March.  Reminder: beta licenses cease working on April 1.

There are three options for licensing MBC:

  1. $10,000 single-seat license, one-time purchase fee (no version upgrades included).
  2. $6,000 single-seat annual license fee (version upgrades included)
  3. You may upgrade you Annual Corporate License (a 10-seat license) to the Premium Annual Corporate License – giving your organization a 10-seat license for MBC (along with all other Sawtooth Software products).  The Premium Annual license costs just $4,000 more than the regular Annual Corporate License ($19,900 instead of $15,900).

Lighthouse Studio

Lighthouse Studio is our flagship software for producing and analyzing online and offline surveys. It contains modules for general interviewing, choice-based conjoint, adaptive choice-based conjoint, adaptive choice analysis, choice-value analysis, and maxdiff exercises.

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