SSI Web v8 – Database

SSI Web v8 saves to a MySQL database on the server.  We no longer are saving respondent data to files on the server.  If you are hosting on your own your server will need the following....

After a database has been manually created for SSI Web, the following Database Settings will need to be entered into SSI Web:

  • Database Name
  • Host Name
  • User Name
  • Password

To upload your survey to the server you can use SSI Web’s Auto Upload feature.  Auto Upload will upload the necessary survey files and it will build the database tables.  Subsequent uploads will automatically apply necessary changes to the database.

NOTE: If you upload your survey manually, after uploading the survey files you will need to log into the Admin Module to “apply changes” to the database.   This will need to be done anytime the survey is changed.

Assuming that your study name is “study1″ the following tables will be created for the study in the database:

  • study1_info
    This table contains miscellaneous information about the study.
  • study1_data1
    This table contains a column for each data point in your survey.  If you have a large survey the data will be split across multiple data tables (data1, data2, data 3, etc.).
  • study1_map
    This table contains a comma separated list of data field names for each data table.  If data is spread across multiple data tables the “map” table shows which data field is in which data table.
  • study1_history
    This table contains the history data for each respondent.  This data is used when the respondent backs up in a survey.
  • study1_clists
    This table contains the constructed list data.
  • study1_passwords
    If the study contains passwords this table contains all of the password information.
  • study1_quotas
    If the study contains quotas this table contains all of the quota information.

Help Video

If your server does not have a database, or you want to try out our hosting service, you can host your v8 Beta surveys with us for free.  To host with us go to:

Sign up for a new account (or use your current account) and create a V8 Beta Server project.  Free hosting will only be available until the end of the beta period.

If you have any feedback on the database please let us know.