MBC v1.0 Released

MBC is now officially released.  Many thanks to our beta testers who have provided a lot of feedback and ideas on how to improve the software, as well as our lead tester Murray Milroy who has spent many hours here in the office finding the most remote and hard to find bugs.

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10 days till MBC

I hope you’re getting as excited as we are about MBC.  We expect the final to ship next Friday, March 9th.  We’re holding on to it since we’re still testing and making changes, but we feel it is very robust and powerful.

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MBC v0.9.14 now available

It may seem like we are doing a lot of releases lately, and you would be correct.  We want to make sure you have all the benefits of the fixes that are happening in MBC.  In this release, we have fixed an issue with combinatorial simulations where draws were not being weighted.  Note that the results are correct as to using unweighted draws.  We do believe that weighting draws will improve results.

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MBC v0.9.13 Available

This build corrects a problem introduced in v0.9.10 that prevents running combinatorial simulations with weighted draws. http://www.sawtoothsoftware.com/download/releases/mbc/MBC_v0_9_13.exe. Have a great weekend!

This release of the software is no longer available. Click the button below to download the latest version of MBC. Download MBC

MBC v0.9.12 Available

We have a new build for you: http://www.sawtoothsoftware.com/download/releases/mbc/MBC_v0_9_12.exe. The software is getting more polished as we march to completion.  This version address various small issues.  There is however a larger albeit nearly invisible change regarding concurrent estimation of models.

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Lighthouse Studio

Lighthouse Studio is our flagship software for producing and analyzing online and offline surveys. It contains modules for general interviewing, choice-based conjoint, adaptive choice-based conjoint, adaptive choice analysis, choice-value analysis, and maxdiff exercises.

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