CBC Workshop Offered in Dallas

On December 6-7 we will be holding a Choice-Based Conjoint (CBC) workshop at the Sheraton Grand Hotel at the Dallas/Ft. Worth airport. This 1 1/2 day program will be taught by Tom Pilon, Ph.D. It will be a hands-on workshop for a maximum of 15 participants. Attendees must bring their own laptop PCs, as some of the session will be dedicated to using the CBC software and in-class practice.

The workshop is designed to help individuals relatively new to choice-based conjoint analysis become comfortable with this powerful research technique. Though much of the lecture will be practical and introductory, Tom will introduce some advanced principles including the use of Latent Class and techniques for individual-level estimation such as Hierarchical Bayes.

The price for the workshop is $700. Room rates at the Sheraton are $105 if you call the hotel prior to November 22 and identify yourself as part of our group. To learn more about the workshop or to register, please see the CBC Workshop section of our home page (www.sawtoothsoftware.com).