Internet Software in Development

Many of you have been asking us about software for Internet interviewing and conjoint analysis. Since its inception over 15 years ago, Sawtooth Software has leveraged emerging technology to provide sophisticated analytical tools that deliver strategic value to businesses. The Web is the current frontier, and we recognize how imperative it is to embrace this important medium. Our goal is to provide cost-effective software that delivers everything you need for self-hosting your own Internet surveys on either your ISP's or your own Internet server.

Over a year ago, we released our first software for Internet data collection, called the CVA Internet Module (traditional full-profile conjoint analysis). This was an important first step in developing our future line of software products for the Web. We are currently on track to release the ACA Internet Module during the first quarter of next year. It will be accompanied by a general survey writing package for the Web called CiW (Computer Interviewing for Web). The name is a play on our popular Ci3 software, and it will offer many (but not all) of its features. CiW will support standard survey questions such as radio button, check box, combo box, open-end, and numerics. Skip patterns and randomizations will also be included. Of course, graphics and sounds will be supported.

Our Internet software uses "least common denominator" technology (PERL and HTML) so that your surveys will work under nearly any server and browser configuration. We want to ensure that you can reach the widest audience possible, without you or your users having to invest in new hardware or upgrade the operating system/browser just to accommodate our software.

To see a short on-line example survey composed using the ACA Internet Module and CiW, please visit