New Alliance Formed with MarketTools

Sawtooth Software and MarketTools ( have formed a strategic alliance to integrate specialized versions of Sawtooth Software's analytical tools within Market Tools' on-line ASP (Application Service Provider) offering. MarketTools has developed a product called zTelligence (, a "one-stop" ASP solution for collecting, analyzing and reporting market research and relationship information over the Web. zTelligence is built on a powerful array of multiple high-speed Web, database and application servers offering superior speed, bandwidth and security.

With zTelligence, the software, data and reporting tools reside on MarketTools' servers rather than on the user's PC. Internet surveys can be developed and deployed literally within minutes by users with no programming or Web expertise. Users compose and launch surveys using their own Web browser connected to zTelligence's point-and-click survey designer. Sample can be uploaded or purchased through MarketTools or its partners who specialize in Internet survey sampling.

This alliance provides an additional option for Sawtooth Software customers interested in conducting market research and storing/sharing the resulting data over the Web. We carefully considered the impact that forming this relationship might have upon our users. It is important to us to be a resource to our general user base rather than to compete with our customers. This alliance supports this vision. MarketTools is not a full-service market research provider. Their focus is to provide technology for creating market research surveys, saving those data, and providing enterprise-wide applications for accessing, analyzing and reporting the data. Their approach is very similar to ours: to provide researchers, consultants, and managers with better market research tools to do their work.