Sawtooth Software Conference 2019 | San Diego, CA, USA | September 23–27

Sawtooth Solutions #15: 2001 Spring

2001 Conference Presentations Set

On September 12-14, we'll hold our ninth Sawtooth Software Conference on Quantitative Methods in Marketing Research in Victoria, BC, Canada. Our conferences are well-known for their practical focus, friendly environment, accessible presentations, and excellent food. They are not sales events for our software, but forums for discussing a variety of issues related to conjoint/choice analysis, computer/web interviewing, and other quantitative methods. Almost a third of the attendees last year were not Sawtooth Software users.

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New HB Software for Analyzing "Constant-Sum" CBC Data

Many of you have asked us to provide estimation techniques for constant-sum (chip allocation) response scales rather than just analysis of "first choices" for CBC data. Constant sum questions are often used in pharmaceutical research and for some packaged goods categories. For example, it might make sense to ask buyers of breakfast cereals to indicate how many of the next ten purchases would be of each brand in a specific choice scenario (task).

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Assessing the Monetary Value of Attribute Levels with Conjoint Analysis: Warnings and Suggestions

Conjoint analysis is often used to assess how buyers trade off product features with price. Researchers can test the price sensitivity of potential product configurations using simulation models based on conjoint results. Most often a simulation is done within a specific context of competitors. But when a product is truly new to the market and has no direct competitors, price sensitivity for that new product can be estimated compared to other options such as buying nothing.

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Download Free SSI Web Demo Software

We are pleased to announce that you can now download free demo software for our Web interviewing package (SSI Web) at SSI Web includes the CiW system for composing general Web-based questionnaires, along with the ACA/Web software for Adaptive Conjoint Analysis. The CBC/Web system will soon be added to the SSI Web suite.

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