Download Free SSI Web Demo Software

We are pleased to announce that you can now download free demo software for our Web interviewing package (SSI Web) at SSI Web includes the CiW system for composing general Web-based questionnaires, along with the ACA/Web software for Adaptive Conjoint Analysis. The CBC/Web system will soon be added to the SSI Web suite.

The SSI Web demo software lets you compose short surveys and small ACA questionnaires. The limits on the demo system are 10 general survey questions, no more than five ACA attributes, and a maximum of five survey respondents. It includes complete on-line help accessible either through the help menu or by pressing F1 at any dialog for which you have questions. (Please call us for assistance if you need any help!)

The demo software installation includes Indigo Perl software (software created by the Indigo Star software company), which enables you to test your SSI Web surveys in full data collection mode locally within a browser on your PC or laptop. An interesting outcome of installing Indigo Perl is that SSI Web users could potentially use SSI Web for CAPI interviewing. Until we release ACA for Windows, this is an interesting alternative to the DOS-based ACA software. (Note that this solution would not work for disk-by-mail interviewing.)

If you do not wish to download the demo version of SSI Web, you can still learn about it, including viewing sample surveys, at If you call us, we can send you a CD-ROM with the demo if you prefer.