ACA v5 Available

Font control, graphics/multimedia, template library, a polished Windows interface. ACA v5 now has it, and the interviewing program can still fit easily on a 1.44 MB floppy disk. Even though our ACA/Web software provides valuable capabilities, many researchers still have demanded ACA software dedicated to Windows-based CAPI or Disk-By-Mail interviewing.

ACA is the most widely used conjoint analysis method and software in the world. Nobody is happier than we are to see ACA become the newest component in our already popular SMRT platform.

If you have used SMRT's market simulator, you are already familiar with ACA's new analysis interface. Our Choice-Based Conjoint (CBC) software has been the primary component of SMRT for a few years now. If you use CBC, you'll find using ACA v5 seems very familiar.

ACA v5 offers significant improvements to nearly every aspect of the system, including:

  • A polished Windows point-and-click interface manages all aspects of questionnaire writing. Graphics, sound or video files can be included. Text and graphics are automatically sized within product concept areas.
  • Attribute level text is no longer limited to just 64 characters.
  • Template Library includes pre-specified text for all ACA questions in English, Spanish, and German. Users can create/save their own template libraries.
  • A new "Ranking" question offers drag-and-drop capabilities to make it more intuitive to rank-order levels within attributes. A standard keyboard interface can also be used for this (and all ACA questions) if you prefer mouse-free interviewing.
  • The new "Rating" question offers a "grid-style" interface nearly identical to that used in the ACA/Web software.

  • ACA v5 includes data management programs available in SMRT and Ci3 v2, including View/Edit Data and Data Doctor.
  • New export options for saving conjoint data to an SPSS for Windows(TM) .SAV file, or to ExcelTM-friendly flat .CSV (comma-delimited) files. Raw utilities, Importances, Points, Diffs, or Zero-Centered Diffs may be exported.

Free ACA Demonstration Software

To try out ACA v5, please visit and download the free demonstration software. This demo lets you compose and run ACA surveys. It does not save data. This demo software will not conflict with existing installations of SMRT.