Web Interviewing (SSI Web) Workshop: Two Tracks for All Experience Levels

Need to develop your skills with Web surveys or extend your knowledge of conjoint/choice analysis? Would you like to see a Seattle Mariners baseball game at state-of-the-art Safeco field?

Even if you aren't interested in baseball, don't miss our 1 1/2-day Web Interviewing Workshop, May 6-7, 2002, in Seattle. This will be a two-track program featuring the use of our SSI Web software. SSI Web includes a general survey writer (CiW), along with conjoint/choice capabilities (ACA/Web and CBC/Web).

Participants choose either Track 1 or Track 2. Track 1 participants will need to bring laptops for the hands-on exercises. Free demo software suitable for completing all the exercises is available if you don't own a complete copy of SSI Web.

Track 1 (Introductory)

Web Interviewing:

  • Introduction to SSI Web: a hands-on tutorial with exercises
  • The basic question types: Numeric, Select-Type, Open-end, Explanatory Text
  • Formatting surveys on single or multiple pages, adding graphics
  • Introduction to advanced question types: Grid and Free Form, basic HTML training
  • Skip patterns, displaying answers from previous questions, passwords and security
  • Basic survey installation on Web server, or Sawtooth Software hosting services, inviting respondents to your survey
  • Exporting data to Excel, SPSS, or ASCII


  • An intuitive introduction to conjoint analysis
  • Introduction to Adaptive Conjoint Analysis (ACA) and authoring ACA/Web surveys
  • Introduction to Choice-Based Conjoint (CBC) and authoring CBC/Web surveys
Track 2 (Experienced)

Web Interviewing:

  • The Grid question type, including ranking and constant-sum extensions
  • The powerful Free Form question type: customized HTML and JavaScript possibilities, including custom verification
  • Trends and best practices in Web interviewing
  • Scalability and SSI Web: bandwidth issues, parallel dedicated servers
  • Using JavaScript to make pop-up help dialogs, or create new variables, including "on-the-fly" math operations
  • Miscellaneous topics: Linking multiple interview modules, passing hidden variables, random splits, IIS installation, cascading style sheets, double-byte foreign character sets


  • Best Practices/Avoiding pitfalls in conjoint/choice analysis
  • Market simulations, Latent Class, HB estimation for ACA and CBC
  • Advanced CBC designs: alternative-specific (including conditional pricing) and partial-profile

Instructors: Christopher King (president), Bryan Orme (VP), Rich Johnson (Chairman), Justin Luster (Developer), David Squire (Developer)

Cost and Registration: $500. Price includes continental breakfast, lunch, break refreshments, plus tickets and transportation to the baseball game. Register today at www.sawtoothsoftware.com. Space is limited!