SSI Web Hints and Updates

This article contains some hints for using SSI Web features to make your surveys more functional.

Progress Bars

It's easy to add progress bars to your SSI Web surveys. If using SSI Web 1.60 or later, simply type %progress_bar% (this is case sensitive) in the Global Header or Footer. (See Help + Contents + Index and click the topic Displaying a Progress Bar for more information.)

Terminating Page

Some users are forgetting to create a terminating page. If you don't do this, the Sawtooth Software logo appears, by itself, as the last page of the survey. We recommend that you place a Text/HTML Filler question alone on the final page of the survey with a message to your respondent thanking them and indicating that the survey is completed. You should check the Terminating Question box when editing/creating that Text/HTML question.

Pop-Up Windows

Pop-Up Windows are easy to add using JavaScript. These are helpful, for example, for help text dialogs. Here is an example that displays the contents of the file "" in the pop-up dialog box:

<A HREF="#"onclick="'','
Click Here for Pop-up box</A>

You can change the parameters to get different results. For example, you may wish to adjust the height and width.

Hosting Services

If you'd rather turn the survey hosting over to someone else, check out our hosting services. Prices start at just $250 per survey. See for more information.

Don't Swamp Your Server

One of the greatest sources of grief for SSI Web users is when too many invitations are sent to too many respondents at the same time. SSI Web is capable of processing multiple respondents at the same time. However, servers (especially shared ones) have their limitations. If you think that more than about 18 people will be clicking at the same time on your survey, you should consider staggering your invitations over many days, splitting your survey over multiple shared servers, or using a dedicated server.

Our staff has some experience in customizing SSI Web to run over dedicated servers in parallel. We are pleased that this opens the door for surveying a very large number of people at the same time. If you want to learn more about this, we'll be presenting information at the upcoming SSI Web training on May 9-10, in Seattle.

Displaying/Using ACA Utilities During the Interview

Some users have asked how to display importances and utilities at the end of ACA surveys, or how to use these values for skip patterns or passing to another program. SSI Web lets you easily access these values during your survey. For example, to display the importance of attribute three on the screen, specify %%A3I% in any text field. (For more information, see Help + Contents + ACA/Web Help + Real-Time Feedback of ACA Results to Respondents.)