Sawtooth Analytics: Our New Consulting Division

Many users have asked us to provide analytical consulting services beyond the free technical support we provide with our software. We carefully weighed how best to fill this need, in light of our company vision to be a partner with our customers in their research efforts.

Before making a decision, we first contacted a number of key Sawtooth Software customers for ideas and feedback. Then, over the last year we took on some interesting projects for select Sawtooth Software users that leveraged our expertise in conjoint/choice methods and software tools. Our staff has many collective decades of experience at consulting companies prior to joining Sawtooth Software, so we were comfortable with this work.

After a successful year "under wraps," we are now formally announcing a new service division of Sawtooth Software called Sawtooth Analytics. The goal of this division is to provide high-level consulting and analytical services to Sawtooth Software customers. Our aim is to be a resource, not a source of competition, to our users.

Some of you may remember that Sawtooth Analytics was the consulting wing headed by our chairman, Rich Johnson, in the early 90s. But, it hasn't been active for some time. Rich Johnson will again participate in this group, giving oversight to the division in the role of methodological advisor.

Activating Sawtooth Analytics should provide direct benefits for our main business, software development. As we work with our own software to solve challenging problems, we will inevitably see ways to improve our tools. We may also become aware of new areas for future software and methodological development.

How should a Sawtooth Software user work with us? For starters, we do not want to receive RFPs or be involved in any bidding process placing us in competition with a current Sawtooth Software user. We desire projects that will stimulate us as researchers, provide opportunities to push our software, and broaden our perspectives. Please call us (360/681-2300) to discuss your needs.

For more information regarding Sawtooth Analytics, please visit