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Sawtooth Solutions #2: 1996 Fall

The CBC Paper-And-Pencil Module

Over the past year we have spoken to many researchers wanting to use CBC for paper-and-pencil studies. Unfortunately, using CBC with paper and pencil has been labor-intensive and methodologically limiting.

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CBC Latent Class Segmentation Module

Because choices seldom provide enough information to estimate utilities for each individual, CBC estimates average utilities for groups of respondents. However, if there are distinct segments, a model that recognizes them can produce more accurate results. Although one can conduct separate analyses for subgroups differing by demography or product-usage, it has been difficult to do segmentation based on choices themselves.

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CVA v2.0 Now Available

We are pleased to announce the release of CVA v2.0. CVA is Sawtooth Software's full-profile conjoint package, and is particularly useful for conducting paper-and-pencil conjoint studies.

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Ci3 v2.0 Windows Interviews to Run under Windows 3.x

Ci3 v2.0 Windows interviews will soon work under Windows 3.x without relying on Win32s. This enhancement will be particularly valuable to researchers who use Disk-By-Mail surveys. All of Ci3 v2.0's advanced capabilities, including font control, graphics and sound will be available within the 3.x interview. (The Ci3 v2.0 System will still require either Windows 95 or Windows NT for questionnaire authoring and analysis.)

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Getting The Most From CBC--Part 1

When designing CBC, we tried to make many of its features automatic, so users could accomplish their goals by accepting built-in defaults. However, CBC users have had questions about several issues, and these are our recommendations about them.

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