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Sawtooth Solutions #22: 2005 Summer

SSI Web v5.2 Even Better with Quota Control

We are working hard to make SSI Web your software of choice for both general web interviewing and for projects that include conjoint sections. Many of our conjoint analysis customers have been pleasantly surprised with the capabilities of our general interviewing component, CiW. They’ve been able to save money and time by using CiW.

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Call for Papers: Sawtooth Software Conference 2006

On March 29-31, we will hold our twelfth Sawtooth Software Conference in Delray Beach, Florida. Our research conference brings together some of the best minds in our industry to talk about practical issues in online interviewing and quantitative market research. It is not a sales-oriented event for our software, but a chance to exchange ideas and receive education from a variety of sources and perspectives. Papers presented at our previous Sawtooth Software Conferences are cited frequently in journal articles.

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2005 Customer Feedback Results

For the third year running, we fielded a customer feedback survey. A very sincere thanks to all who participated. The quality and quantity of openend responses were tremendous! We are reviewing the comments, and hope to be able to implement many new features and changes based on the suggestions.

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Adaptive CBC: Summary of Three Experiments

This article is excerpted from an article by Rich Johnson, Bryan Orme, Joel Huber, and Jon Pinnell entitled “Testing Adaptive Choice-Based Conjoint Designs” presented at the 2005 Design and Innovations Conference, held in Berlin. The full text may be downloaded from our Technical Papers library at

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CBC/Web Workshop: Aug 29-30, 2005

Bring your laptop for a hands-on experience with CBC/Web in a small classroom setting taught by Tom Pilon, Ph.D. The class emphasizes the use of CBC/Web (within the SSI Web platform), but the principles Tom teaches apply directly to the use of CBC for Windows (SMRT Platform).

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