CBC/Web Workshop: Aug 29-30, 2005

Bring your laptop for a hands-on experience with CBC/Web in a small classroom setting taught by Tom Pilon, Ph.D. The class emphasizes the use of CBC/Web (within the SSI Web platform), but the principles Tom teaches apply directly to the use of CBC for Windows (SMRT Platform).

If you do not already own CBC/Web (within SSI Web v5), we will provide a free demo version for you, suitable for completing the software exercises covered in the class.

Program Outline:

The CBC/Web Workshop is a 14-hour program (8 hours on day 1; 6 hours on day 2) focusing on:

  • Introduction and orientation to the SSI Web platform for Web Interviewing
  • How choice-based conjoint (discrete choice) differs from other conjoint methods.
  • Setting up a CBC study: formulating attributes, levels, placing alternatives within choice sets, how many questions to ask, paper-and-pencil versus computerized data collection.
  • Analyzing CBC data (counts, logit, Latent Class, Hierarchical Bayes, simulations) and the pros and cons of each technique.
  • How to use Sawtooth Software's CBC/Web system: a hands-on workshop for a sample study.
  • Plus, case studies emphasizing the practical application of CBC in real-world problems, handouts and Excel spreadsheets.

Attendees must provide their own laptop PC. Minimum configuration: Windows 98 (second edition) or later.

The workshop will be held in the Harvey Hotel, right next to the Dallas-Ft. Worth airport. To contact the hotel about reservations, call 972-929-4500 or visit the Harvey Hotel website at www.dfwairport.harveyhotels.com. Be sure to request the "Corporate Gold Rate" of $119.00 per night.


The registration fee is just $700 for this event. Class size is limited to just 15! Register for the CBC/Web workshop by visiting www.sawtoothsoftware.com/workshops.shtml