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Sawtooth Software Conference 2006

We are pleased to announce the program for the 2006 Sawtooth Software Conference, to be held in Delray Beach, Florida, March 29-31, 2006.

Our conferences are well-known for their practical focus, friendly environment, accessible presentations, and excellent food. They are not sales events for our software, but forums for discussing a variety of issues related to conjoint/choice analysis, computer/web interviewing, and other quantitative methods. Typically about one-fifth of the attendees are not Sawtooth Software users.

To register for the conference, or to view more details (including abstracts), please visit The conference registration is only $750 for the 2.5-day event ($900 after Feb 1).

Preliminary Program Outline:

Wednesday, Mar 29, 2006

  • Putting the Ghost Back in the Machine – Andrew Jeavons, Nebu USA
  • Scalable Preference Markets – Ely Dahan, UCLA, Arina Soukhoroukova and Martin Spann, University of Passau
  • Presenting the Results of Conjoint Analysis – Keith Chrzan, Maritz Research, Tom Pilon, Tom, and Jon Pinnell, MarketVision Research. Moderated by Bryan Orme, Sawtooth Software.
  • Assessing the Integrity of Convergent Cluster Analysis (CCA) Results – John A. Fiedler, Oreon Inc.
  • Identification of Segments Determined through Non-Scalar Methodologies – John Pemberton and Jody Powlette, Insight Express
  • Reverse Segmentation: An Alternative Approach – Urszula Jones, Curtis L. Frazier, Christopher Murphy, Millward Brown, and John Wurst, SDR/University of Georgia
  • Testing for the Optimal Number of Attributes in MaxDiff Questions – Keith Chrzan, Maritz Research and Michael Patterson, Probit Research
  • Product Line Optimization through Maximum Difference Scaling – Karen Buros, Data Development Worldwide
  • Agent-Based Simulation for Improved Decision-Making – David G. Bakken, Harris Interactive

Thursday, Mar 30, 2006
  • How Many Choice Tasks Should We Ask? – Marco Hoogerbrugge and Kees van der Wagt, SKIM Analytical
  • Sample Planning for CBC Models: Our Experience – Jane Tang, Warren Vandale and Jay Weiner, Ipsos Insight
  • Brand in Context – Andrew Elder, Momentum Research Group
  • Brand Positioning Conjoint: A Revised Approach – Curtis L. Frazier, Urszula Jones, and Katie Burdett, Millward Brown
  • Rethinking (and Remodeling) Customer Satisfaction – Lawrence Katz, IFOP (Paris)
  • Dual Response “None” Approaches: Theory and Practice – Chris Diener, King Brown Partners, Inc. and Bryan Orme, Sawtooth Software
  • “Must Have” Aspects vs. Tradeoff Aspects in Models of Customer Decisions – Michael Yee, MIT, Ely Dahan, UCLA, John R. Hauser , MIT and James Orlin, MIT
  • External Effect Adjustments in Conjoint Analysis – Bryan Orme and Rich Johnson, Sawtooth Software
  • It's a Question of Scale: How Scale Confounds in Choice Data and Models Can Lead to Seriously Incorrect Results – Jordan Louviere University of Technology, Sydney and Thomas Eagle, Eagle Analytics, Inc.

Friday, Mar 31, 2006
  • Different Values from Different Tasks: The Impact of Question Form and Incentives on Partworth Values – Min Ding, Pennsylvania State University and Joel Huber, Duke University
  • The Economic and Psychological Influences of Bundling – Joel Huber, Duke University and Jon Pinnell, MarketVision Research
  • Estimating Attribute Level Utilities from “Design Your Own Product” Data—Chapter 3 – Jennifer Rice and David G. Bakken, Harris Interactive
  • Can One Simulate Market Preferences with “Build Your Own” Data? –Rich Johnson, Bryan Orme, Sawtooth Software, and Jon Pinnell, MarketVision Research

Optional Half-Day Tutorials (Tuesday, Mar 28, 2006)

These four-hour tutorials provide an opportunity for more in-depth training. The cost is $195 for one tutorial, or $320 for two tutorials (add $25 each after Feb 1).


  • Introduction to Market Simulations – Bryan Orme, Sawtooth Software
  • Introduction to Web Interviewing Using SSI Web – Chris King and Justin Luster, Sawtooth Software
  • Design of CBC Experiments – Jon Pinnell, MarketVision Research
  • Importance Measurement: Stated and Derived Measures – Keith Chrzan and Joe Retzer, Maritz Research

  • Advanced CiW Questionnaires (SSI Web v5) – Chris King and Justin Luster, Sawtooth Software
  • What’s New in Conjoint Analysis and MaxDiff Scaling – Bryan Orme, Sawtooth Software
  • Design of CBC Experiments (Repeat Session) – Jon Pinnell, MarketVision Research
  • Importance Measurement: Stated and Derived Measures (Repeat Session) – Keith Chrzan and Joe Retzer, Maritz Research