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Academic Outreach Program

We are pleased to announce a series of initiatives designed to enhance our relationship with the academic community.

More powerful student (lab) licenses ($1,000 covers entire school)

Previously, Choice-Based Conjoint (CBC) was limited to 3 attributes and 50 respondents for the academic lab licenses. Adaptive Conjoint Analysis (ACA) was limited to 5 attributes and 50 respondents. The new lab licenses support up to 10 attributes and 250 respondents, allowing you more flexibility to conduct non-commercial academic research. The lab system also includes capabilities for traditional full-profile conjoint (CVA) and perceptual mapping (CPM).

Until now, we haven’t offered a student lab version of our general web interviewing platform (CiW). Now, we offer a 500 data field version of CiW for students and professors to use on non-commercial academic research projects.

Research-on-Research Student Panel

There is a long history of involving students in methodological research projects. At Sawtooth Software, we would like to increase the amount of methodological research we are able to do on a variety of techniques, including conjoint/choice analysis and scaling. As a benefit to the academic community, we plan to offer scholarship opportunities for masters or Ph.D. students also to utilize the panel for promising research projects.

Please invite your students to join the Sawtooth Software Research-on-Research Student Panel, by visiting [no longer accessible]. We plan to survey panelists no more than 8 times per year. Students may enroll or unsubscribe at any time. We will not sell or rent this list, and will adhere to a strict privacy policy that is prominently displayed at each stage of participation in the panel.

Scholarship opportunities

We are certain that there are very bright masters and Ph.D. students who might rise to the occasion if offered a scholarship opportunity. As mentioned above, we would like to entertain proposals for methodological projects to be fielded among the Student Panel we are building. We are also looking for papers to be presented at our Sawtooth Software Conference, held about every 18 months. We are willing to fund travel and hotel expenses up to $1,000 and provide free registration into our Conference for a promising student that sends us a worthy paper to consider.

Twice a year (May 15 and November 15), we will award free software to two either masters or Ph.D students. Proposals are due April 30 and October 30 for consideration.

Free PowerPoint(TM) materials and curriculum suggestions for download

We offer free materials online for teaching conjoint analysis, including white papers. Please feel free to view these resources and adapt them to suit your curriculum. Visit: