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Sawtooth Solutions #28: 2008 Winter

Update on Adaptive CBC

At the 2007 Sawtooth Software Conference, we presented our latest research into Adaptive CBC. Our current stream of research is a significant departure from earlier Adaptive CBC approaches we have tried and described at earlier conferences. And, we’re happy to say, this approach seems to work better than the traditional CBC for complex studies involving about five or more attributes. Importantly, respondents find the interview more engaging, realistic, and focused on levels more relevant to their choices.

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X64 HB: Making Fast Even Faster

At the 2007 Sawtooth Software Conference, Well Howell (Harris Interactive) presented a paper detailing a comparison of software to perform HB estimation, including our own CBC/HB v4. While we were quite pleased that CBC/HB had the fastest runtime (Well, your check is in the mail), we are always looking to further improve performance.

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Breathing New Life into Sawtooth Software’s Cluster Analysis

Very soon, we’ll be releasing a new cluster analysis package that includes Cluster Ensemble Analysis, a relatively new methodology for improving the quality of cluster solutions.

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Three Ways to Treat Overall Price in Conjoint Analysis

This article discusses three ways to treat overall price in traditional ratings-based conjoint analysis or discrete choice (CBC) studies.

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Summary of Findings from the 2007 Sawtooth Software Conference

The thirteenth Sawtooth Software Conference was held in Santa Rosa, California, October 17-19, 2007. The summaries below capture some of the main points of the presentations. We hope that these introductions will help you get the most of the 2007 Sawtooth Software Conference Proceedings.

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