Images of Interviewers Available for SSI Web Users

One way to try to raise the level of respondent engagement in online surveys is to include graphics of interviewers that appear to be standing on the page. At the previous Sawtooth Software Conference, we showed an SSI Web project that included a series of photographs of an Asian female throughout the survey. For our work with Adaptive CBC, we have favored displaying an individual on the screen that appears to be having a conversation with the respondent. We think this practice may improve other surveys as well.

This year, we contracted with a graphics firm to hire five models and develop a series of images for us that we could share with licensed SSI Web users. These images feature six poses of each model in either business or casual wear. Here are some examples of the available photos:

We own the rights to these photographs and are licensing SSI Web users to use these (limited to SSI Web surveys). If popularity grows for using images such as these, we may decide to contract with the graphics firm to add to the library.

SSI Web users may download the graphics in various formats (.jpg, .gif, and .png at either 300 or 500 pixels high) from