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Sawtooth Solutions #3: 1997 Spring

1997 Sawtooth Software Conference: Speakers and Registration Information

The sixth Sawtooth Software Conference will be held August 20-22, 1997 in Seattle, Washington. The conference will again focus on Computer Interviewing and Analytical Methods for Marketing Research.

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Getting the Most From CBC - Part 2

Our previous issue featured suggestions for using CBC, including use of prohibitions, choosing the numbers of levels, determining sample size, and presenting simple analyses. You can download that article from our Web page. Here are some further suggestions:

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Including Holdout Choice Tasks in Conjoint Studies

We think it is wise to include holdout choice tasks in conjoint interviews, even though they may not appear to be needed for the main purpose of the study. They almost always turn out to be useful, for these reasons:

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Achieving Better Response Rates for Disk-By-Mail Surveys

The following is an excerpt from an article entitled "Best Practices in Disk-By-Mail Surveys" by Karlan Witt of IntelliQuest, Inc. and Steven Bernstein of Apple Computer, originally presented at our 1992 Sawtooth Software Conference. The complete article is available for downloading from our Technical Paper Library on our home page:

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