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Sawtooth Solutions #32: 2011 Winter

Price Reduced for Survey Hosting Service

Last year, we updated our survey hosting business. We created a web-based portal in which you can upload new surveys in moments to our servers, without any human intervention on our side (once we have approved your account). This makes it faster than before for you to manage studies.

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Comments on “Bottom-Up” and Best-Worst CBC

The following article is adapted from “Comment on Wirth and Marshall et al.” by Sawtooth Software’s president, Bryan Orme, to be published in the forthcoming Sawtooth Software Conference 2010 Proceedings.

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More for Less: Annual Subscription License

Does Sawtooth Software sell a bundled package of software at a steep discount? Yes! It’s called the Corporate Annual Subscription License. For an annual fee of $15,400 up to 10 users at an organization may all use the following Sawtooth Software tools:

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Online Market Simulator: Easier to Use, Attractive Interface

Designed for efficiency and simplicity, the new simulator is geared towards researchers and clients that want a quick, easy way to set up and run market simulations and summarize utilities and importance scores. To begin using the simulator, simply go to and click "Sign Up for an Account".

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Menu-Based Choice (MBC) Beta on the Horizon

Many of you have been following our R&D efforts on a relatively new conjoint technique called Menu-Based Choice (MBC). What distinguishes typical MBC questionnaires from CBC questionnaires is that respondents pick from zero to many items (attributes/features) on the menu and “build” the desired product (such as with choosing from a menu at a restaurant). Many products and services are sold via menus, where buyers can choose among a la carte and pre-bundled options.

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