Online Market Simulator: Easier to Use, Attractive Interface

Designed for efficiency and simplicity, the new simulator is geared towards researchers and clients that want a quick, easy way to set up and run market simulations and summarize utilities and importance scores. To begin using the simulator, simply go to and click "Sign Up for an Account".

The new tool is a web-based platform, allowing you and your clients access to data 24-hours a day. Because it is web-based, you'll have instant access to the latest improvements in the software. You'll also be able to store all your analysis projects in one place, conveniently switching between projects. The system allows you to set up individual client sub-accounts, granting them access to their projects while maintaining the confidentiality of your other clients.

You can customize which of the reporting aspects are available to your client (utilities, importances, and simulations) and hard-set the simulation settings. You can customize a very clean and simple interface for your client.

For example, this customized dashboard (below) only shows simulation results and a utility report (no importance report is shown).

When a person clicks Define Products, the following is shown:

When you click Run Simulation, the simulation report is displayed:


  • Easily define products using a point and click interface—no need to use numbers to represent brands, features, and other discrete levels. (Note that you still have the option to define level values for continuous attributes.)
  • Quickly toggle products into and out of the simulation. You can define as many products as you want, and then easily include/exclude them from the simulation.
  • Charting and graphing capabilities included for visual presentation of simulation results, importance scores, and utilities. Charts and graphs can be copied directly into presentation software, word processors, or photo editing software.
  • Web interface means there's no software for your clients to install. They just need an internet connection and any one of the popular web browsers. (The simulator is supported on Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and other current browsers.)
  • Your administrator account allows you to analyze as many projects as you want for one low monthly fee. This allows you to keep all your analysis projects at your fingertips in one central location. When you want to share a project with a client, you simply create a sub account (login), associate their project with their account, and give them their login information. You control what settings they are allowed to change, which projects they can see, and how long they have access to the projects.
  • We've improved the Randomized First Choice algorithm to work better with alternative specific designs.


Administrator accounts are just $50 per 30-day period, allowing you to create, analyze and store as many projects as you wish for as long as you own your account. Client accounts are also $50 per 30-days for each client username/password you set up. Each client account can also have an unlimited number of analysis projects associated with it. You must pre-pay for the online simulator. Funds are attached to your administrator account, which is debited every 30 days for the upcoming period, and as you add users.

For more information, and to set up your simulator account, please visit (Click "Sign Up for an Account")