More for Less: Annual Subscription License

Does Sawtooth Software sell a bundled package of software at a steep discount? Yes! It’s called the Corporate Annual Subscription License. For an annual fee of $15,400 up to 10 users at an organization may all use the following Sawtooth Software tools:

  • CiW - Unlimited
  • CBC with the Advanced Design Module
  • CBC/HB and Latent Class
  • Adaptive Choice-Based Conjoint (ACBC)
  • ACA-30 and ACA/HB
  • CVA and CVA/HB (Traditional Conjoint)
  • MaxDiff-500 (Best-Worst Scaling)
  • Advanced Simulation Module
  • HB-Reg (Hierarchical Bayes Regression)
  • CCEA (Convergent Cluster & Ensemble Analysis)

Purchased individually for 10 users, the regular price (even after the volume discount) would be more than $200,000. Even for a single user, the standard licenses for all these components would cost around $36,000.

Annual subscription license users receive current updates and upgrades as soon as they become available.

We're offering the subscription license option because many of you want greater access to our tools, without having to justify and manage the purchase of each new component or upgrade. It's much easier to set a budget based on an annual license, and with that annual fee you know you have access to the latest versions of nearly every tool in Sawtooth Software's product line.

We will continue to sell our standard one-time purchase licenses as before, as some customers find this a more affordable way to purchase just the tools they need, for particular limited projects.