Price Reduced for Survey Hosting Service

Last year, we updated our survey hosting business. We created a web-based portal in which you can upload new surveys in moments to our servers, without any human intervention on our side (once we have approved your account). This makes it faster than before for you to manage studies.

When we changed our hosting procedures and model, we also changed the way that hosting services were billed. Our new billing model involves a fixed cost per month for the server and a variable cost per completed record. We initially chose rates that we calculated would on average reduce the hosting costs for customers, assuming they chose server configurations that minimized their overall hosting fees. After a few months of observing the actual outcome, we saw that we could reduce fees even further to achieve our original aims. So, at the end of last year, we lowered the pricing for the Light and Basic servers.

The new costs per complete for the different server sizes were decreased as follows:

Server Size Old Cost per complete New Cost per complete
Light Server 0.70 per complete 0.50 per complete
Basic Server 0.50 per complete 0.35 per complete
Premium Server 0.20 per complete 0.20 per complete

The fixed monthly costs per server are as follows: $100 for Light Server; $300 for Basic Server; $750 for Premium Server.