Menu-Based Choice (MBC) Beta on the Horizon (2)

Many of you have been following our R&D efforts on a relatively new conjoint technique called Menu-Based Choice (MBC). What distinguishes typical MBC questionnaires from CBC questionnaires is that respondents pick from zero to many items (attributes/features) on the menu and “build” the desired product (such as with choosing from a menu at a restaurant). Many products and services are sold via menus, where buyers can choose among a la carte and pre-bundled options.

We are progressing nicely with software development, and hope to release a beta version at about the end of Q2. We’ll be inviting interested beta testers to attend one of the upcoming training events. Please note that using MBC software requires much more knowledge than our standard conjoint software. Perspective beta testers should be advanced CBC users, with significant experience in conjoint design and econometric modeling (especially dummy-coding/effects-coding of design matrices).

Get a preview of what we’ve accomplished with MBC so far by downloading a preliminary copy of our MBC documentation at The documentation will also be made available soon as a free paperback booklet.

MBC software is designed for analyzing simple to complex discrete choice and multi-check menu tasks. It will come with a market simulator, including the availability of a simulator that may be delivered to clients. (MBC software will not have a survey-writing component; all survey writing and data collection is done using other software tools, such as Free Format questions within SSI Web, paper-based data collection, or data collection on a third-party survey system).

MBC will be able to analyze data from a variety of simple to complex choice questionnaires:

  • CBC tasks (with or without additional twists)
  • BYO-configurator tasks
  • Multi-check menus

Already about 100 of you have placed your names on the list of interested parties, and we’ve been communicating regularly with you regarding development plans and MBC issues. Thank you for your insights and support so far!

Beta Tester Details: The beta test program is planned to last about 9 months. All beta participants must attend an MBC training event. At the time of printing, we have not finalized the meeting times and venues. We are hoping to conduct at least three events during Q2 and Q3: probably two on the East Coast and one likely in London. Please check our website for updates, at News and Events.