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Sawtooth Solutions #35: 2013 Spring

Popular Conjoint Analysis Book Updated

Just this week we received 500 copies into the office of our "Getting Started with Conjoint Analysis" book, 3rd Edition, published by Research Publishers, LLC. This third edition offers the following changes from the previous work:

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Advances and Trends in Marketing Science from the Sawtooth Software Perspective

Dr. John Roberts (Joint Professor at Australian National University and London Business School) recently asked us to pen our perspective on developments in marketing science and trends over the last 10 years. Based on his interest to share that response more broadly, we’ve polished our thoughts a bit more to create this short article.

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Results of 2013 Sawtooth Software User Survey

Each year we field a customer feedback survey. This tool allows us to track our achievement in customer service and also track the relative use of different Sawtooth Software conjoint methods.

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State of Sawtooth Software 2013

This last February here in the USA, President Obama delivered the annual State of the Union speech. In that same vein, we hereby present a State of Sawtooth Software.

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Don't Miss Conference 2013

The 2013 Sawtooth Software Conference will be held October 14-18, at the Laguna Cliffs Marriott Hotel in Dana Point, California, USA. This conference is held only once every 18 months. Given this location and the success of our last conference, we expect 275 to 325 people to attend.

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