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Sawtooth Solutions #4: 1997 Summer

Invest in Yourself at the 1997 Sawtooth Software Conference

In August, 1997, market researchers and academics from around the world will gather in Seattle to share insights, network and to socialize. That's just a few short months away! Don't miss this rare opportunity to develop your skills in quantitative market research and to rub shoulders with some of the best minds in our industry.

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Library of Conjoint Articles Available on the Internet

Last summer, we created a library of select articles and technical papers on our home page for others to download at no cost. We are pleased to report that our effort has not been wasted. Our library is by far the most frequented area on our home page ( We think this reflects favorably on our users' desire to stay abreast of methods and developments in our field.

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Q&A with Chairman Richard Johnson

Richard M. Johnson is the Founder and Chairman of Sawtooth Software, Inc. Rich has spent the greater part of the last four decades working in the field of marketing research. He is widely cited in the conjoint literature, and is credited with the development of trade-off matrices and the ACA System for Adaptive Conjoint Analysis.

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Using Utility Constraints to Improve the Predictability of Conjoint Analysis

Conjoint analysis derives utilities (part-worths) to represent respondent preferences for product attributes. Some attributes such as price or quality have definite a priori order. Since utility estimates contain random error, and respondents are fallible, we often observe utilities which seem to violate common sense--especially those calculated at the respondent level. For example, a respondent's utilities might suggest that he prefers to pay higher prices, or desires lower quality. We sometimes call these anomalies "reversals."

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Ci3 Tech

This article contains tips and suggestions for using Ci3.

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