Library of Conjoint Articles Available on the Internet

Last summer, we created a library of select articles and technical papers on our home page for others to download at no cost. We are pleased to report that our effort has not been wasted. Our library is by far the most frequented area on our home page ( We think this reflects favorably on our users' desire to stay abreast of methods and developments in our field.

If you haven't yet visited our technical papers library, we encourage you to visit soon. Currently there are 24 conjoint-related articles available, grouped by method. We will be adding new titles in the future, so we invite you to visit often. Within each area, introductory articles are listed first. Abstracts are also provided, so you may view a summary of each article's contents before downloading.

The conjoint articles currently available are:

Sawtooth Software Products

  • ACA Technical Paper
  • CVA Technical Paper
  • CBC Technical Paper

General Conjoint

  • Understanding Conjoint Analysis in 15 Minutes
  • Helping Managers Understand the Value of Conjoint
  • Which Conjoint Method Should I Use?
  • Including Holdout Choice Tasks in Conjoint Studies
  • Commercial Use of Conjoint Analysis in Europe: Results and Critical Reflections
  • Conjoint Analysis: How We Got Here and Where We Are
  • The Number of Levels Effect in Conjoint: Where Does It Come From, and Can It Be Eliminated?

ACA-Related Papers

  • Staying Out of Trouble with ACA
  • ACA, CBC, or Both?
  • Validation of Adaptive Conjoint Analysis (ACA) Versus Standard Concept Testing
  • Accuracy of Utility Estimation in ACA
  • An Empirical Comparison of ACA and Full Profile Judgments
  • Multistage Conjoint Methods to Measure Price Sensitivity
  • Scaling Prior Utilities in Sawtooth Software's Adaptive Conjoint Analysis
  • Within- and Across-Attribute Constraints in ACA and Full Profile Conjoint Analysis

Choice-Based Conjoint

  • Getting The Most From CBC - Part 1
  • Getting The Most From CBC - Part 2
  • Using Choice-Based Conjoint To Assess Brand Strength and Price Sensitivity
  • Using Conjoint Analysis in Pricing Studies: Is One Price Variable Enough?
  • How Many Questions Should You Ask in Choice-Based Conjoint Studies?
  • Learning Effects in Preference Tasks: Choice-Based Versus Standard Conjoint