Conference 1997 Wrap-up Issue

Our sincere thanks to all those who made our 1997 conference a success. The presenters and attendees generated stimulating--and at times humorous--discussion and debate. The weather was beautiful, creating stunning views through the conference room windows overlooking the water. It doesn't always rain in Seattle!

The written feedback we received was very helpful for helping us plan our next conference. We received a lot of positive comments. As you might have guessed, we also received a number of constructive suggestions about how the conference can be improved. We've read these very carefully and considered many ideas for improvement. Some areas which we plan to address are:

  • Provide handouts of the papers or presentation slides at the beginning of the conference. We'll do our best to distribute either electronic or hard-copy handouts of the presentations when attendees arrive.
  • Hold more tutorials and clinics. Optional half-day tutorials will be offered prior to the general conference next go around.
  • Make a call for papers earlier in advance to attract new speakers to the program. Consider this newsletter fair warning. We will make an official call for papers shortly, but feel free to begin working on a proposal/outline right now.
  • Hold the conference more often. Though we haven't decided on an exact date, we believe our next conference will be held in February, 1999.