Ci3 v2.5 Upgrade Forthcoming

This article contains tips and suggestions for using Ci3.

Among other things, our staff has been busy preparing an upgrade for the Ci3 System. Version 2.5 will remedy some shortcomings of the current Ci3 system, and will offer a number of very useful enhancements.

A new editor will let you work with very large questionnaire files (no 64K limitation). In the Export Specifications table, you'll be able to toggle all Select questions between Present/Absent and Ordinal (reduces potential carpal tunnel syndrome). The Print Questionnaire option (absent in v2) is again part of the product. Version 2.5 will also support .jpg graphics files (much more compact than .bmp files). A new "Data Doctor" utility will scan and fix many corruptions that can occur in Ci3 data files, such as those due to media read/write errors.

We've also significantly increased the flexibility of Ci3 arithmetic and logical instructions, including multiple operations per line, AND/OR statements and string operations. Here's an example of a line of legitimate v2.5 Ci3 code:

  IF ((Q1 = 1) AND ((Q3 <> 3) OR (Q2 > 2))) X = (Q4 + Q5 + Q6) / 3

We'll send out an official announcement and upgrade form (including pricing) when v2.5 is complete.