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Why You Should Upgrade to SSI Web v8

Is your old version of SSI Web holding you back?  Version 8 has so many new features to save you time and do better work for clients.  Take a look at this partial list of v8 improvements, which covers the high points.  

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Read more about some of the new features online:

General SSI Web Improvements:

  • Mobile device style improvements for displaying SSI Web surveys on small screens, see
  • Side-by-side installation.  You can have v8 installed alongside earlier versions on the same machine
  • Data Generator, for generating robotic respondent data (especially useful for testing skip patterns)
  • Database: data are now stored in a database
  • Crosstabs and graphical charts in the online data module
  • Looping (called “rostering” under Ci3), for asking the same question multiple times for different elements of a list
  • Multiple data export jobs can be configured and saved
  • Semantic differential question (labels on left and right side of sliding scale)

MaxDiff (Best-Worst Scaling):

  • Anchored Scaling option
  • Logit and Latent Class integration within SSI Web
  • Improved experimental designs, for much better balance within version
  • Covariates available within the integrated HB routine

ACBC (Adaptive Choice-Based Conjoint):

  • Alternative-Specific Designs in ACBC
  • Improved experimental designs, including Test Design capability
  • Covariates available within the integrated HB routine
  • Optionally skip BYO or Screener sections

CBC (Choice-Based Conjoint):

  • Integrated HB, Latent Class, Counts, and logit within the SSI Web menus
  • Interaction Search Tool
  • Best-Worst choice option
  • Conditional display no longer limited to four attributes
  • Ability to put concept labels above each product concept within a choice task
  • Ability to specify a conditional display text or graphic based on a “0” level from an alternative-specific design

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