The 21st Sawtooth Software Conference was held on September 23-27, 2019, in San Diego. Click here to learn more about the 2019 Conference.

Held every 18 months, the Sawtooth Software Conference is well-known as the best and most practical marketing sciences conference in the industry. Focusing on quantitative methods in marketing research, experts from around the world were charged with delivering presentations of value to both the most sophisticated and least sophisticated attendees. Topics include choice/conjoint analysis, surveying on mobile platforms, Menu-Based Choice, MaxDiff, hierarchical Bayesian estimation, latent class procedures, optimization routines, cluster ensemble analysis, and other emerging research strategies and techniques.

Additionally, Sawtooth Software, in partnership with SKIM, produce the SKIM/Sawtooth Software European Conference and Training Event held approximately nine months after the main Sawtooth Software Conference. The event normally consists of three days of workshops and tutorials, followed by one conference day—all focusing on conjoint and choice analysis research methodologies and applications.

Conference Proceedings

Below are the proceedings from our conferences which are normally held every 18 months. If you experience a delay after clicking on a link, please be patient while the PDF file loads; these proceedings are each hundreds of pages long.

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