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Tools & Scripts

Please note that as newer versions of Lighthouse Studio are released, some of the items under the Scripts section may not work correctly when run in a more current version. Adapting them to your specific needs is often beyond the scope of our free technical support because it involves writing custom Perl or JavaScript. Furthermore, these tools are not officially supported by our technical support personnel or programmers. You may receive help from other users by posting on the Forum .


Lighthouse Studio Data Cleaner

The Lighthouse Studio Data Cleaner is a free utility that removes unwanted records from version 8 and version 9 .csv files. For documentation on how to use this utility, please see Using the Data Cleaner to Clean and Import Data.


50.7 MB


Van Westendorp Price Sensitivity Meter (PSM) Templates

Even though CBC and ACBC are considered stronger techniques for measuring price sensitivity, there are certain cases where the simpler Van Westendorp Price Sensitivity Meter could be used. This download includes:

  • Lighthouse Studio templates (v9.1) for asking the four PSM questions plus two purchase intent questions (the Newton-Miller-Smith extension)
  • An Excel spreadsheet simulator that automatically produces tables and graphs once you paste in the responses to the six questions
  • PDF documentation

4.8 MB

CBC/HB Model Explorer

This tool is for use on machines where CBC/HB v5.5.4 or later is installed. It interacts with CBC/HB’s command interpreter to automatically run multiple instances of CBC/HB to search for optimal priors and first-order interaction effects that can improve hit rate. Hit rate is computed by jack-knife resampling of a subset of existing choice tasks for holdout validation. This tool should be unzipped into a convenient folder on your hard drive (there is no installation program). Brief documentation is provided in the included PDF file. We also recommend you read the white paper entitled, What Are the Optimal HB Priors Settings for CBC and MaxDiff Studies? (2016).


1.09 MB

Volumetric CBC .CHS Converter

This program is for taking allocation-based CBC data (where the sum of "chips" is not forced to be constant) and reformatting a new .CHS for developing a "volumetric CBC" model.

The data could represent how many boxes of each type of cereal the respondent would "purchase" within a CBC task. The program scans the respondent's choice tasks to see the maximum volume ever "purchased" in any one task. A new "None" concept is formatted for each task with sufficient chips allocated to the None to "make up the slack" between the maximum volume ever allocated and the volume allocated for the current task. A .CSV file is also written that contains the caseid followed by the maximum volume allocated for each respondent (to use as a weight in weighted simulations).


27.5 KB

Get ACBC Prices

This program reports the distribution of Summed Prices for products in the ACBC design. It is computed based on respondents in the specified dataset (both Completes and Incompletes). It includes only the near-neighbor product design (not the BYO-selected products). Studying the distribution of prices is helpful when selecting breakpoints for fitting piecewise price functions under HB analysis.

NOTE: This utility is for SSI Web v7 and earlier. SSI Web v8 and later has this functionality built in.


493 KB

SSI Web Data Generator

This utility is designed to automate testing surveys created in SSI Web 7. It can simulate respondents both randomly and programatically answering the survey questions. It can simulate multiple respondents taking the survey simultaneously, and allows survey programmers more sophisticated testing of surveys.


20 MB

SSI Web Tester

This utility automatically takes SSI Web surveys. It generates random data enabling you to test the survey. Recommended for SSI Web Version 6 and earlier.


5.2 MB

Calibration Tool

Calibrates CBC utilities for use in purchase likelihood simulations. Supports up to 150 parameters. Officially incorporated into CBC/HB v5.


60 KB

SSI Web Data Cleaner

Free utility that removes unwanted records from SSI Web dat.dat files.

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SSI Web Graphics

Library of images that SSI Web users may use within their SSI Web surveys.

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