Webinar: The Art and Science of Segmentation

Segmentation is one of the most powerful techniques in market research. You can identify clusters of people within a market and tailor a specific product or service to meet the needs of those unique clusters. Join Sawtooth Analytics SVP, Keith Chrzan to understand the challenges of segmentation and the six steps that lead to a successful segmentation project.

But there is a reason the saying “Segmentation is both an art and a science” exists. While Keith will touch on the many different clustering techniques, it is hard to separate out which technique is best suited for you particular study. An unlucky choice of a cluster seed could lead to an uncharacteristically poor result and certain clustering methods are sensitive to inputs, potentially leading to clusters that are dominated by one or two questions. However, with advances in technology, we can now run multiple solutions and develop a consensus solution based on a combination of all solutions. This is known as ensemble analysis and Sawtooth Software’s Convergent Cluster & Ensemble Analysis (CCEA) System addresses this problem. Join Brian McEwan, Director of Client Services for a user’s guide to CCEA. This hands-on tutorial will give you the reasons for ensemble methods and the tools to run one on your own.


Part 1: Overcoming Challenges in Segmentation

  • The Segmentation Process
  • Challenges of Segmentation
  • Six Steps to Success

Part 2: A User’s Guide to CCEA

  • Reasons for Ensemble vs. Other Methods
  • How to use the CCEA software

Presented by:

Keith Chrzan, SVP of Sawtooth Analytics
Keith Chrzan
SVP of Sawtooth Analytics

Brian McEwan, Director of Client Services
Brian McEwan
Director of Client Services

Megan Peitz, Ingenuity Ambassador
Megan Peitz
Ingenuity Ambassador

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