Webinar: An Introduction to Adaptive CBC

We all know the benefits of being able to mimic the consumer experience with choice-based conjoint surveys. But, have you ever thought about improving upon those benefits by only displaying relevant product concepts to your respondents?

In our Introduction to Adaptive CBC webinar, you will learn the benefits of creating adaptive choice experiments, the criteria for what makes a great ACBC project, and how to design and program an Adaptive CBC in Sawtooth Software's Lighthouse Studio.

This webinar occured on Wednesday, May 25, 2016 and, because it was over-filled, was followed by an encore performance several hours later. A recording of the webinar is found below.


Aaron Hill, VP of CLient Services
Aaron Hill
Vice-President of Client Services

Megan Peitz, Ingenuity Ambassador
Megan Peitz
Ingenuity Ambassador

An Introduction to Adaptive CBC