Sawtooth Software 2020 European Conference | Virtual Attendance  | September 22–25
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Webinar: Applied MaxDiff

A few months ago, Keith Chrzan and Bryan Orme wrote a new book called, Applied MaxDiff. It is a practical and intuitive guide on how to use maximum-difference item scaling to solve real-world problems. This webinar, presented by Keith, will introduce critical concepts from the book and give you previews on how it will help you design, analyze, and report MaxDiff results.

Some of the topics from the book that were introduced in the webinar include:

  • Introduction to MaxDiff
  • Designing a MaxDiff Experiment
  • Estimating MaxDiff Utilities
  • Rescaling MaxDiff Utilities
  • Sample Size
  • Anchored MaxDiff
  • MaxDiff with Large Numbers of Items
  • Subsequent Analyses Using MaxDiff Utilities

Whether you are new to MaxDiff or a grizzled master, feel free to join this webinar and interact with one of the industry's leading MaxDiff experts.



Keith Chrzan, Executive Vice President, Sawtooth Analytics
Keith Chrzan
Executive Vice President, Sawtooth Analytics

Aaron Hill, Vice President
Aaron Hill
Vice President, Business Development